Q1. How do I install Quick Driver Updater?

Installing Quick Driver Updater is not a tough task. All that you need to is, simply visit https://www.quickdriverupdater.com/ and click on the Download button. Once you click on it, the program gets downloaded. After that, you may install this fantastic utility to update drivers on your PC. It can be installed on all the versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 10. Moreover, this tool to update drivers is available in both free as well as paid versions. We recommend the paid version as it offers some highly advanced features that none of the driver updaters provide. Quick Driver Updater is among one of the best utilities to update drivers.

  1. Launch the Quick Driver Updater

  2. Click on the icon of three horizontal strips (as highlighted in the below screenshot)

  3. Select the “Enter License key” option from the drop-down menu.

  4. Now if you don’t have activation key then click on “Upgrade to PRO” button to purchase the activation key and if you already have it then directly jump to Step 7.

  5. Clicking “Upgrade to PRO” button takes you to the pricing page, where you can enter your payment details and purchase the activation key.

  6. Once you have completed the purchase you’ll get the activation key by two ways:

    (i) On thank you page after the completion of purchase.

    (ii) On your email address.

  7. Now copy the activation key and paste it in the text box where it is asking you to enter an activation key or you can simply click on ‘Click here to paste the copied Activation Code into the box’ option to paste the copied activation key automatically.

  8. Select “Activate Now” button.

  9. Hurray! Quick Driver Updater has been activated successfully.

Quick Driver Updater is a utility with an ocean of features to speed up and optimize the performance of your PC. The prominent ones out of them are listed below.

  • Comes with a performance booster to enhance your gaming, video editing, and day-to-day computing experience
  • Automatically detects and updates outdated, worn-out, and faulty drivers
  • Updates drivers in a single click
  • Makes sure that your PC gets the latest and genuine drivers straight from the manufacturers
  • Hosts an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Thoroughly scans the system for outdated, missing, and corrupt drivers
  • Quick Driver Updater downloads only authentic and certified drivers
  • Has multilingual support.

The above list is not the end. You’ll get to know many other useful functionalities of Quick Driver Updater after you start using it.

There are a number of factors that make Quick Driver Updater different and a tough contender for other similar utilities. Here are a few of them.

  • Truly takes your PC’s performance to a whole new level
  • Snappily detects and updates all the out of date, missing, and faulty drivers
  • Installs only genuine and certified drivers on your PC
  • Has high compatibility with all the Windows versions
  • Its interface is among the most straightforward and easy to use interfaces
  • The installation process of Quick Driver Updater is so simple that even the novice users can install it effortlessly.

This is not all. You’ll know many other distinguishing characteristics of Quick Driver Updater after installing it.

There are numerous ways to update drivers. They can also be updated manually. But, manual update is a tedious, time-consuming, and tough process. Thus, automatically updating the drivers through Quick Driver Updater saves your time and energy. In addition to this, searching for genuine and compatible drivers is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and patience. Quick Driver Updater snappily finds the most suitable drivers for your PC. Thereby, saving your time from the unnecessary driver hunt all over the web and manufacturer websites. This utility makes it possible for you to update drivers without any hassles.

A driver decodes your instructions and makes the hardware execute them. In the absence of compatible drivers, the system fails to correctly decode and execute your commands. Moreover, outdated, faulty, or missing drivers deteriorate the PC’s performance as a whole. In addition to this, there are several other reasons for which you must update the drivers. The central ones are listed below.

  • Keeping the drivers up to date helps you eliminate printing, gaming, and other errors
  • Updating the drivers optimizes, speeds up, and takes your PC's performance a notch up
  • It helps you resolve the annoying errors such as Blue Screen of Death.

This is not the end of the advantages of keeping the drivers updated. Once you update them, you'll notice that your PC works like a brand spanking new model.

First of all, we must know about device drivers. A device driver is a set of software that is used for proper communication among your hardware and operating system of the PC. As time passes the drivers of your PC may become outdated or corrupted. This can impact the smooth functioning of your system and hence a driver updater tool is required.

Quick Driver Updater is one of those tools. It is considered as one of the best driver updaters as it enhances and boosts the overall functioning speed of your PC. It automatically detects and updates your corrupted and broken drivers. It is quick enough to do it in a single click.

There are so many drivers available over the web but for the healthy functioning of your PC, you require only authentic and certified drivers and Quick Driver Updater downloads only these drivers. Also, it gets you the drivers straight from the genuine manufacturers.

Quick Driver Updater does not provide a temporary solution, it thoroughly scans and detects all the corrupted, broken and missing drivers, and hence you can rely on it for a permanent solution.

This tool offers you a user-friendly interface and because of so many features, Quick Driver Updater is considered as the best driver update software.

Also, it is highly compatible with all the versions of Windows, including the latest Windows 10.

Furthermore, this tool to update drivers is also available for free. But we would prefer you to use a paid version to get the benefits of some more advanced features.

To update your drivers with Quick Driver Updater you first need to download the driver updater tool from the site https://www.quickdriverupdater.com/. After visiting the page click on the Download button. Once this auto driver updater gets downloaded install it on your PC.

Then after that, it automatically starts scanning your drivers and will show you the outdated and broken drivers. Now you just have to click on the drivers that you want to update. If you want to update all the outdated drivers then just click on the Overview option available at the left side of the tool screen and then select the “Update all” button. This automatic driver installer will download and install the required drivers on its own.

Quick Driver Updater is a free driver updater, it will not charge you a single penny until you wish to upgrade to Quick Driver Updater Pro. Quick Driver Updater Pro version provides you with some more exceptional features such as backup and restore at just $39.96 with a discount of 20% on the original price i.e. $49.95. It is a limited period offer. So hurry up if you want to use a paid version at an amazing price.

Isn’t it amazing to get all your broken and outdated drivers updated with just 1 click and that too for free? Quick Driver Updater saves your time and money both.

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